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вторник, 23 декабря 2014 г.

You should know who these women are

Katherine Johnson. Maria Klawe. Barbara McClintock. If none of those names sound familiar to you, it's time to change that.

Because the groundbreaking, and largely unsung, work and discoveries of these women -- and many more like them -- helped shape modern science. And inspiring more young women to pursue careers in science and technology starts with simply sharing these stories.

We've put together an interactive audio hub that allows you to do that easily: Listen to women from across the Administration tell the stories of their heroes. When you learn something new (and you will), pass this on.

Once you do, you can add an untold history of your own, and then make a commitment to honor the legacy of these remarkable women in the best possible way: by encouraging a young woman to pursue a career in science.

Incredible, inspiring stories like these ones can only fade into obscurity if we don't tell them. And the only way we'll see more like them is if we get the word out now.

Let's write these stories back into history permanently so that we can help create more of them...

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